"Standing By The First Dreams"

Mission: “ Our goal is nurturing the dreams of children who will shape the future “

How it started?

Birlik Toys has started as a small toy shop in further parts of Istanbul by two brothers whom merged their dreams and hard work together into making a helpful difference. This small shop which started in 1981 with simple plastic toy manufacturing, swiftly became one of the biggest toy company in Turkey who leads the trends thanks to their hardworking, creative designs and big dreams.

What we do?

Our Company understands that playtime should be instructive as well as fun and we are proud to produce high-tech products that are educational , entertaining, dynamic and delightful. From plastic cars to singing dolls, DIY materials to educational toys our items vary We know imagination has no limit, neither does our product line. Our company is proud and will continue to produce toys that will support child development and put a little joy to our users life.

How we do it?

Birlik Toys takes your child’s safety seriously, and precaution is our priority. All of our products are tested in the international toy-testing centers, SGS and INTERTEK. For your child’s safety and your piece of mind, we make sure all our toys meet or exceed European Union EN-71 safety standards, and that all of them carry CE Labels.

Why do we do it?

We believe that our future is hidden in the games of our children and toys has a major impact in their development process. By knowing so,

Our mission is;

“ To support the dreams of children whom will shape our future. ” With this mindset, proudly we have been a friend of first games , first footsteps , first plays and most importantly first dreams of kids since 1981.

“ Supporting the first dreams ”


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